Tylor’s Gallery:

    • Copy your choice in a draw editor,
    • Add your case dimensions,
    • Convert to xxxx.jpg format,
    • send to jordi.autocet@gmail.com,

In few days will be returned a 3D model of your idea.

Note: This is not contractual. Only for share structure case ideas. Those will be exposed permanently in this gallery.

Personal data will not be published here.

Warlock Serenity, a small frame for deep modules

Warlock 6000, the big brother

6000 mm Eurorack Case

Warlock K, the evolution, a kit for each level.

A frame that is built for extendible deliveries.

from 85HP to 196HP

30º Angle progressive frame.

From 85 to 198HP

Round Corner. Designed for portable digital systems.

As large as the amount of synthesizer modules.

As long as the keyboard

Until 590HP ( 3 mts )

A large Warlock Q4 version with light

A classic K3 from BEFACO

85HP x 3 row

A classic K1 (for initial kit)

As crazy as the choice.

The fortress is guaranteed.

Evolutionary rack and four level removable sub-rack modular composition.

An evolution of the frame from 0 to 90º as a choice.

Upper expandable level frame strategy.

Advanced frame done by order design resolution.