This is the list of modular synthesizers, most significant, at Modular Day this year, third edition.

Before that, The place of the event:

Page of the organizers:

Still missing some manufacturer information. I will be editing as I hear about.

Temporarily waiting modular photo unit

(courtesy of Erica Synths)

Looking for foto of erica’s modular in BD#3

(800×600) enoght

Eloi’s project:
Project information

Some ones presented by

left hand: a small transportable system in cases, the lower one filled with sequencers and accessories, the upper one with all the sound stuff.

right hand: Two systems in Vermona Cases.

Up one is a Verbos System  see

Down one trying to find information…

It’s Not exactly a modular, is THE MODULE TESTER in workshop Barcelona Modular Day #3

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