Com vols el teu bastidor?
How do you want your rack? How easily make your Warlock?

Unless you’re a crack of modules, I recommend 85HP as is the normal size, one voice for each level.

For a 85HP frame can easily attach a keyboard of two octaves with a converter MIDI-to-CV+GATE additional module.

Mounted is a good option if you need to quickly, but it is much cheaper on kit because the forwarding agents charge more for large volumes.

Fill out the form is not any commitment to buy, you can ask as many configurations as you might require to compare prices.

The options selected are directly associated with the form. The form is sent with the latest selections. The report is sent in response with a first prize.

Definició de bastidor Q (Definition Q Case):

Nivells (Levels)

Amplada (width)

Per nivell, (By level)

Teclat Midi (Midi Keyboard)

Electrificació (electrification)

PS opcional 5Vdc per bus (optional by bus)

Tipus de servei (Type of service)

Les vostres dades per poder-vos respondre.
(Your data to answer you.)
Nom (Name)

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