L10 is a free open protocol with few restrictions to easy self construct your own electronic circuits. In this propose, the restriction format is resume in a footprint component to add at the artwork KiCAD EDA as PCB as a component. Against that, KiCAD need little marks to define limits of PCB as cutting guide.

Place your symbolic composition in the schematic without thinking in dimension of final result.

Make your netlist file and create your components list without footprint definition.

When you have the real components in workshop connect each component to real footprint. This is time to edit real footprint and optimize your project time. Finally try a possible route.

Must standard PCB dimension are 10cm (100mm) in “pre-cutted” amateur boards. You only need a see to cut single board with good results. Not CNC is needed.

Now distribute totally components in several boards. Must be thinking eatch pcb may be used in independent project. You can add a routed design by copy and paste between files in text mode using negative area to distinguish parts of code. Because that you can add other works in your PCB area. Finally you can modify the .brd file independently of the schematic.

A PCB is a connector in schema.

KiCAD is really open. The self placing component is not a important think to do during the theoretical time of design and define footprint is out of time.

The important is not a good presentation of the EDA, is a good presentation of our works.